Setting the Standard for Mobile Security

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) recently released an updated set of cybersecurity guidance for smartphones and tablets and how they should be used in the enterprise. This isn’t the first time…


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An Open Letter To The Ukrainian Baby In The Park

You Warmed My Heart And Broke It Too

Hey Little Fella,

Do you remember me? I’m the lady with the big puppy from the park. We met yesterday and you and my puppy, Rudy, became fast friends.

Rudy at the park: Photo Courtesy of the author

I saw you and your mommy walking in the park, heading toward the playground. So did Rudy. And he made a beeline straight for you. You see, Rudy is a baby too, and he loves to play with other babies.

I remember being very careful as your mommy allowed you to approach Rudy while I held his leash tight. You kept saying something I couldn’t understand. I told you Rudy was a doggie, but you kept saying sobaka (I’m spelling it the way it sounded).

Your mommy explained that what you were saying was the Ukrainian word for dog and in that moment, my heart filled with joy and broke all at the same time.

I looked into your little face. You couldn’t have been more than 18 months old. Big innocent blue eyes, soft blonde hair peeking out from underneath the winter had and hood of your snowsuit, happily petting my Rudy and cooing “sobaka, sobaka.” So innocent, such a routine interaction. So safe. A normal day in the life of a normal baby.

I didn’t say anything to your mommy while we talked; I didn’t want to make her sad. I’m sure she worries enough about what’s happening in her native land, but all I could think about is how glad I was, and am, that you and your mommy are here. You’re here and you’re safe.

You don’t have to walk for endless miles to escape the Russian invasion. You don’t have to wake up to air raid sirens. You fall asleep in your bed every night and wake up warm and safe. And I’m so very thankful for that.

I thought briefly about how, if things had been different, you could have been there, terrified, cold and hungry, not really understanding why or how your entire world got turned upside down.

Then I thought about all the sweet babies, just like you that are going through exactly that. Sweet babies that did nothing wrong, whose mommies…

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