Badar Baraat

Kuguyurkan ke penjuru cakrawala tandon air yang tertampung dari rasa bersalahmu. Hingga tanda tanya, mimpi-mimpi buruk, otot paha, dan langit-langit perasaanmu basah kuyup. Ia yang mengelupas mantel…


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The Basic Human Right of Improvement

The seven variables of improvement

Improvement is a basic human right. We all have the right to improve, whether it is being better at something positive or being better at something dreadful.

Self improvement exists along a continuum, with a rather vast set of variables.

In my opinion, everyone is trying to improve. Even the ones who’ve stopped trying. So yes, even people who excel at being bullies or encouraging divisiveness are, if nothing else, improving on how to be more awful or manipulative. At its most fundamental each of us are improving the basics, even if it’s nothing more than trying to get a better night’s sleep.

Nature improves. Like nature, we are constantly changing, adjusting, eroding and growing. Autumn occurs once every year, naturally. To me, it’s less about whether we are improving and more about how conscious and deliberate we are in the process, and what we are choosing and focusing on. What we are shedding, and what we are growing.

The practicality of self improvement is an interesting question. What is it that we are practicing? What are we aiming at? Because we may end up realizing that a particular form of practice is actually incompatible with our larger goals.

To me, the word ‘practicality’ triggers a few key thoughts. First, I want self-improvement that can help me in my daily life. Second, I want self-improvement that is practical. Third, I enjoy self-improvement that builds. So it can be building for something bigger or better, or for something of greater significance, or even for something aiming toward meaning and purpose.

For me personally, self improvement has helped define meaningful values in life. It’s often been uncomfortably challenging, but the end result has been a far deeper understanding of the human condition because I’ve gone through sometimes agonizing realizations about myself.

“What if everything that came from the past was actually influenced by the future?”- from ‘Dark’ the German TV series, Episode 4

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