Cosmostation and Chain Announce Strategic Partnership

Cosmostation is pleased to announce a global strategic partnership with Chain, a public network designed for mass adoption of decentralized finance, payments, and NFTs. Cosmostation has…


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US Congress hearing and Monopoly in AI. The ChessBoard

The hearing before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law offered congressional members the chance to question Sam Altman and other tech leaders about the “urgent” need to create regulations around AI.

Senators questioned Altman, Gary Marcus, and Christina Montgomery the chief privacy and trust officer at IBM, about the need to AI regulations. I still wonder why Gary Marcus though. Ironically Sam didn’t sign Elon’s letter some time ago.

Suddenly his skin has thinned and he wants an agency to regulate AI beyond a certain threshold of AI capabilities and license further development, preferably post-dated as Microsoft should permanently be exempted from such laws. IBM a failing company is joining the lead however sees no support from the rest of the tech giants. Is it also a surprise that Microsoft recently laid off its ethics team recently. Why the crocodile tears now?

Devil is in the details. The guy doesn’t want self-replicating models which gives out his monopolistic mindset. I think he was pretty young to remember the 1999 lawsuit against Microsoft that split it the last time. As ridiculous as the whole event is, Gary Marcus supported global standards as if the US has any power over them. After betraying the open source community by taking their work and data, and calling for oligarchical control of the politics it is a new low.

This scapegoat who works for health insurance and has no equity in OpenAI doesn’t realize that once Microsoft owns the shares he’s just a mouthpiece. All he has to do is to see DeepMind’s attempt to get rid of Google. That turned out very well. IBM just laid off 7800 employees thanks to AI now wanting regulation. Do you smell something brewing or they’ve taken people for utter fools?

Here are some global domination agendas of these sellouts. Complete domination of public data and the content, amount, and timing of its release to the public in a manner that suits them. Acquiring new data by mere interaction of people with it while identifying their demographics and usage pattern or further use without consent. Global dissemination of Western propaganda and pushing occidental narratives to infiltrate the people with differences of opinions. The regulation also means persecuting people who voice their concerns against such schemes by demonetization and de-platforming as US media companies have done for decades.

This is how Noam Chomsky’s proverbial manufacturing the consent will happen. The public in their hype frenzy will hand over their freedoms to find the solution to the problems they self-created and play along giving legitimacy to their crimes in the name of progress. A faltering US government will pass any laws to gain donations and support for upcoming elections.

Its then you’ll cede unilateral control of what’s fiction and what’s reality and there will be a monopoly on what’s information and what’s a lie, Choose wisely.

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